As we can tell from their African relatives, cats are extremely efficient and agile hunters. As the African lion has an instinctive nature to chase down an antelope, our domesticated cats have the same instinct to hunt for wildlife. As the spring season enters and the wildlife around us come out of hiding, our cats hunting instincts come out too. Cats are responsible for the extinction of over 33 native Australian species and kill thousands of native birds, mammals and reptiles daily. As the breeding season begins for many of our Australian native animals, they are in more danger than ever of falling prey to our domestic cats’ paws.

To help prevent this it is always best to keep your cat indoors. Not only does this protect Australia’s amazing and diverse wildlife but also helps protect your cat. During the chase of prey, many cats can get injured by cuts to the skin, encountering other cats or even more severe issues such as motor vehicle accidents. Having an indoor cat also reduces your cat’s risk of contracting a dangerous cat-to-cat transmittable disease. Diseases such as Feline AIDS are passed through cat bites and though extensive research has been done no cure has been found. Keep your friend and our wildlife safe by keeping your cat indoors!