COVID-19 Our Response Plan

The health and well-being of our people and clients are paramount. Veterinary services are considered essential services by governments around the world due to the importance of the work veterinarians do in ensuring biosecurity, surgical, medical and emergency services for ill and injured animals.

Changed Services

In order to help flatten the curve and to conserve stocks of protective and sterilising supplies (for our patients and also human patients), we have changed the way we are providing services to your pet.

Please be assured that your pet’s health and well-being will be catered for, it just maybe in a different way to usual during these challenging times. This includes in-clinic consultations with your pet and via telephone or video call with you. Telemedicine services may also be an option for your pet.

With the easing of restrictions, we are now able to allow clients into the consult room with their pet.  However, to ensure we still abide by social distancing rules, the vet will ask you to take a seat whilst a nurse holds your pet for the examination.  We can still offer telephone and video call consults if you are not yet comfortable with this, or are immuno-compromised.

Call us for initial advice for you and your furry friend and we will guide you from there.

To help us remain fully operational we have introduced new processes.

Our waiting area is now closed, so please follow these steps on your arrival:

  1. Please stay in your car. Cats must be in a cage and dogs on a lead
  2. Call reception 9581 7766
  3. One of our nurses will provide instructions on how we will collect your pet
  4. We’ll take your pet into our consultation rooms
  5. Your pet gets lots of fuss, treats, and TLC
  6. The vet starts the consultation, calls you for history and to discuss a treatment plan
  7. The reception will call you to take a phone payment
  8. Your pet is delivered back to you outside with any medications required


  • If your pet is being admitted to staying with us, please follow points 1 – 4 above on arrival
  • You will be contacted by phone to discuss your pets’ discharge when they are ready to go home

In case of an emergency

  • Please try to call us before arriving, this will ensure someone is available to help your pet

Other important changes:

  • Please check out our new opening hours, we have made some changes
  • We have put extra hygiene practices in place, all clinic areas are thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant that effectively inactivates COVID-19
  • All team members follow physical distancing processes in the clinic
  • We are taking all payments by phone, internet or contactless EFTPOS
  • We will not be doing home visits
  • We may be able to arrange home delivery services for food and medication to you and can organise an over the phone payment.
  • We ask you to call ahead for collection of food/medication to process over the phone payments and pick-ups will be outside of the clinic.

Thank you for your ongoing support at this difficult time, we really appreciate it.  We’re in this together.