Cats are not the only thing that can be a danger to our native wildlife in these coming months. Cars, bushfires, poisons and various other human interventions can harm different species of animals. These animals need care when tragedy strikes but you need to make sure it is the right care.

Wildlife should not be taken home to be nursed, it needs to be taken to a veterinary clinic for a vet to assess for injury. Native animals are fragile and need the appropriate levels of care that cannot be given at home. Also, excess human handling and intervention only harms the animals chance to being released back into the wild. There is also your own health to consider. After an accident many animals experience a high level of stress, only to be heightened by being handled by a human. This can cause the animal to lash out to save itself from what it perceives as danger. An example of this is a kangaroo still delivering a strong kick upon approach after a car accident or a bird biting a finger in an attempt to gain release from a grip.

If you do find any injured wildlife and do not know how to proceed please call Wildcare Helpline on (08)9474 9055. They will be able to offer advice and if needed provide alternative contact numbers.