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Rescue Babies

Did you know that in just one year a female cat can produce three litters? With each of those litters at an average of four kittens that’s twelve kittens per year, and that’s only the average! The numbers in a

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety for your pet can be extremely stressful for the whole family. Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. Your pet may not understand that the giant whooshing noise is just the

Food Allergy Dermatitis

Though not as common, this allergy gets a lot of attention as it is commonly a misdiagnosis of atopic allergic dermatitis. Often people believe their dog has a food allergy when in fact it is an environmental skin issue instead.


Cedric, as pictured above is one of the eighty percent of dogs over the age of eight who suffer from osteoarthritis. This issue isn’t just subject to dogs either, with two thirds of cats over the age of six also

Summer and Your Pet

As we are enjoying spring, the warm sun reminds us that summer is just around the corner. Even in Spring the sun can produce high heat levels that can affect the health of your pet. Make sure that your pets


Eye health is extremely important as we rely on our sight for so much. As we age it is a regular occurrence for our eyesight to deteriorate, and it is the same for our pets. Some diseases such as nuclear