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Food Allergy Dermatitis

Though not as common, this allergy gets a lot of attention as it is commonly a misdiagnosis of atopic allergic dermatitis. Often people believe their dog has a food allergy when in fact it is an environmental skin issue instead.

Cats on the Prowl

As we can tell from their African relatives, cats are extremely efficient and agile hunters. As the African lion has an instinctive nature to chase down an antelope, our domesticated cats have the same instinct to hunt for wildlife. As

Injured wildlife

Cats are not the only thing that can be a danger to our native wildlife in these coming months. Cars, bushfires, poisons and various other human interventions can harm different species of animals. These animals need care when tragedy strikes

Christmas Hazards

Christmas is an eventful time for both us and our pets. However new visitors, noises and smells can sometimes cause anxiety for your pet! Keep your pet healthy and happy during the festive season with our Christmas tips: • Create

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