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Injured wildlife

Cats are not the only thing that can be a danger to our native wildlife in these coming months. Cars, bushfires, poisons and various other human interventions can harm different species of animals. These animals need care when tragedy strikes


Cedric, as pictured above is one of the eighty percent of dogs over the age of eight who suffer from osteoarthritis. This issue isn’t just subject to dogs either, with two thirds of cats over the age of six also

Cats on the Prowl

As we can tell from their African relatives, cats are extremely efficient and agile hunters. As the African lion has an instinctive nature to chase down an antelope, our domesticated cats have the same instinct to hunt for wildlife. As


Eye health is extremely important as we rely on our sight for so much. As we age it is a regular occurrence for our eyesight to deteriorate, and it is the same for our pets. Some diseases such as nuclear

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