Our very own team member, Cindy from Greenfields Vet Hospital WA visits year 3 students with her Story Dog, Ned at The Assumption Catholic Primary School in Mandurah and has been a steady member of the Story Dogs team since September 2016. The children are thrilled to be able to share their stories with the dogs, whilst the Story Dogs work to improve the reading confidence and abilities of the primary students.

Story Dogs help to produce a productive and encouraging environment for children to learn to read. They help young students not to feel intimidated whilst reading to the animal. Furthermore, like all animals, they provide some therapeutic qualities such as lowering blood pressure.

Story Dogs undergo a lot of training before being able to partake in story telling with the children. Firstly, they need to be evaluated by a vet and an expert dog assessor,
where they must pass a series of temperament and medical tests. The Assumption Catholic Primary School in Mandurah is the second school in Western Australia to partake in this program and the dogs were gratefully welcomed.

Cindy has lots of experience working with dogs as a professional Delta dog trainer, and is currently running her own dog training school KISS (Keep It Simple and Succeed).

We thank Cindy for her great work in contributing to the local community through programs such as Story Dogs.