Did you know that in just one year a female cat can produce three litters? With each of those litters at an average of four kittens that’s twelve kittens per year, and that’s only the average! The numbers in a litter can be much higher! Then, if those twelve then have three litters each with an average litter of four kittens we are looking at around one hundred and forty-four kittens. That is a lot of kittens that need loving homes. And it doesn’t stop there, those cats have more kittens who have
more kittens, we could show you the math, but the numbers are scary. Over-breeding is disastrous for cats in rescue centres and greatly reduces the chance they will get adopted. Therefore, all rescue organisations insist the animals they rehome must be desexed before entering their new families. This helps to stop overbreeding or backyard breeding. The fur babies you can see on either side have Abandoned Cat and Kitten rescue to thank for their new families! This organisation works tirelessly to vaccinate, neuter, microchip and rehome all their precious cats. We love working along side them to help complete this task and meet, (and as you can see, keep a few ourselves!) Rescue animals can bring so much love into their new homes and come with extra personality. Many rescue organisations also pre assess their animals to try to make sure they go to homes that suit them perfectly. For instance, most dogs are checked for compatibility with other dogs, cats and even children. This way when you head down to the centre you can disclose exactly what you are looking for and find your perfect friend.
Abandoned Cat and Kitten rescue always have a variety of cats and kittens available so they are bound to have one that will suit your home. They also are always happy to except more foster carers if a permanent family member isn’t an option for you. If you have any inquires about this organisation you can contact Cortnie on 0403 873 158 or enquire through there Facebook page which can be found under Abandoned Cat and Kitten Rescue.