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Cats on the Prowl

As we can tell from their African relatives, cats are extremely efficient and agile hunters. As the African lion has an instinctive nature to chase down an antelope, our domesticated cats have the same instinct to hunt for wildlife. As

Why should I sterilise my Cat?

Females Prevents continuous oestrus (on heat), which can cause behavioural changes such as excessive vocalisation, clawing furniture and carpet and unwanted visitors (tomcats). Prevents mating which therefore decreases the chance of cat fight abscesses and feline immunodeficiency virus (feline AIDS)

Food Allergy Dermatitis

Though not as common, this allergy gets a lot of attention as it is commonly a misdiagnosis of atopic allergic dermatitis. Often people believe their dog has a food allergy when in fact it is an environmental skin issue instead.

Rescue Babies

Did you know that in just one year a female cat can produce three litters? With each of those litters at an average of four kittens that’s twelve kittens per year, and that’s only the average! The numbers in a