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As the weather warms up, we start to see more parasite problems for all sorts of pets. Here are some of the more common parasites we come across, as well as some information on the problems they cause and how


In 2020, a potentially fatal tick-borne disease spread by brown dog ticks, Canine Ehrlichiosis (Ehrlichia canis), became present in Australia for the first time. The disease is present in many tropical and subtropical countries around the world, and more


Eye health is extremely important as we rely on our sight for so much. As we age it is a regular occurrence for our eyesight to deteriorate, and it is the same for our pets. Some diseases such as nuclear

Food Allergy Dermatitis

Though not as common, this allergy gets a lot of attention as it is commonly a misdiagnosis of atopic allergic dermatitis. Often people believe their dog has a food allergy when in fact it is an environmental skin issue instead.

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